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Serving Northern Utah

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Ken Yocum

not just a job… a childhood dream

As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a Chef.  I found myself destroying my mothers freshly cleaned kitchen in my grade school years attempting to make things as fast as the cooking shows would present them!  This was long before DVR and On-Demand.  Ohhh the horrible things that would result, yet at times I still would miraculously pull together some things that were pretty amazing.

My parents didn’t realize how serious I was about being a chef, assuming I just wanted to be a line cook flipping burgers.  My senior year of high school is when I really confirmed to them again that THIS IS MY DREAM!  This lead to my father researching so many colleges before narrowing it down to the best of our country’s culinary schools and then flying me out to visit Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu.  I was in complete disbelief being there and realizing my dream was now happening!

Thanks to my parents nurturing that seed in my life, dreaming to be a Chef, it wasn’t long before I was completing school specializing in confectionery showpieces in the top of my class! …oh ya and I still can flip some serious burgers too!  I hope you enjoy not only BD Caterings food but our passion and culture that we bring to your event.  We are excited for new events and even more excited to meet you and learn what it is that makes your event so special to you.